A natural context, to 25 km from Verona and out from the surrounded wall of the urban medieval of Soave, is locate the firm CORTE TAMELLINI.
The buildings, existing already in the '500, reformatted has been maintaining however unaffected the structural original of "court" bucolic; distinctive attention has been mail to the retrieval and to use of the materials existing, like the stones, the worked stone, the cooked, the wood and the beat iron and, just for this, also the new materials and the used commodities have been attentamente chosen among the more ecological and innovative.
They have been realized six independent quarters of varied bulk with 2/4/5/ 6 places complete bed of all the comfort; one of these used to the receipt with two double rooms and room breakfast. The furnishingses, in style “ottocento veneto”, has been realized with care and in operation of the oneness of each space.
An of the two subterranean wine cellar has been used to enoteca with the best labels of this territory; the other preserve the wine, the oil, the confections, the honey, the sausage and the other productions of the firm that they will be able to now always have tasted from the customers.
The structure arranges besides of place auto in garage, of amples balconies, private courtyard, barbecue angle, laundry and mountain-bike. For all our guests is available swimming pool (chlorine free) with infinity of the valley and invigorating waterfall. Around the pool there are several relaxation areas and a solarium with dressing room and bathroom.

Ethical ecology                      

  • restructuring measures using natural materials (stones, worked stone, terracotta, wood and wrought iron, plasters with river sand, etc.)                     
  • salt water pool                     
  • water softener for drinking and sanitary water                     
  • separate collection of waste
  • rainwater irrigation systems

So our structure is energy self-sufficient with emissions reduced to a minimum.


The history of Tamellini family is very old and it seems that the origin is Cimbrian (Cimbri were Celtic / Germanic tribes of northern Europe that, following the migrations at the end of the 2nd century BC, they went down to the Venetian pre-Alps and in our lands, focusing mainly on Lessinia, where they settled.

An in-depth research on our ancestors allowed us to go back to 1584; This fact testifies that here, in this court, already resided in TAMELLINI.

This research is written in two books that testify our great heritage of history and culture.

  • 1 Apartment La Stalla
  • 2 Apartment Dei Veleni
  • 3 Apartment Da Tita
  • 4 Apartment Da Enso
  • 5 Apartment Il Fienile
  • 6 Covered Terrace
  • 7 Dependance La Nosara
  • 8 Winery
  • 9 The Cave
  • 10 Barbecue Area
  • POOL
  • 1 Pool
  • 2 Tonifying Waterfall
  • 3 Shower
  • 4 First Solarium
  • 5 Second Solarium
  • 6 Third Solarium
  • 7 Fountain
  • 8 Changing Room and Toilet
  • 9 Gazebo Area

LATITUDE: 45.45272529222563 | LONGITUDE: 11.21953010559082

Train: San Bonifacio Station (9,4 km)
Plan: Verona Airport (34,3 km)
Taxi: Verona Radio Taxi Union (Ph. 045 53 26 66)